Saturday, January 25, 2014

The SwissPen ( seems to be selling smoke....

A number of gadget and 3-D printing sites have gushing previews of the SwissPen, a 3Doodler knock off that was supposed to come to market ahead of the great kickstarter success.

I backed 3Doodler on kickstarter and now have it in hand.  Not without problems of its own

I also ordered a SwissPen in October 2013.   More that 3 months later, no pen, no refund, and the company is emerging as a big scam.

Gerard's blog Here and here report an experience similar to mine.

Comments  and (Comments) on some of those laudatory SwissPen previews now show many others got taken in.

What is most concerning to me is that Paypal really enabled this scam.  By sending lots of  "Sorry, we had a delay" and "your pen has shipped, I'll get you a tracking number" messages -- in my case these messages from were sent through paypal's own dispute resolution center -- the seller manages to put even the concerned buyer on hold until after paypal's dispute resolution option has expired.

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